Technology Will Save Seniors… And Their Wallets.

Senior Care TechnologyWith technology solving problems for industries around the globe, Northwest Senior Care has strived to incorporate these advancements into the realm of senior care. The result is a hybrid senior care technology aimed to reduce costs for King County seniors while supplying crucial activity data to caregivers as well as family. The elderly are becoming more tech friendly, and the use of non-invasive monitoring technology like the Lively system offered by Northwest Senior Care can create unexpected benefits.


“So how does this senior care technology save me money?”


Lively ImageTo put it in perspective, imagine a senior who requires traditional home care services 24 hours a day. They need a mixture of hands-on care and protective supervision at all times in order to live safely within their home. By using non-invasive monitoring technology, such as the Lively system, there is a very good chance that much of the protective supervision can be done from afar. This reduces the amount of traditional caregiving services needed, and ultimately lowers the out-of-pocket cost for the senior and his or her family.

By offering this senior care technology as an added service option, we are not just helping our seniors save money, but are also gathering very useful activity data. The new information these systems provide us with help to paint a picture of the seniors well-being. Tracking daily step totals, meal frequency, and medication consumption over an extended timeline gives us valuable insight into health trends over time. With family having access to that data as well, it allows their visits with mom or dad to consist of relaxed conversations instead of pestering questions of their activity, diet, and medication routine.


“How much is this technology going to cost me?”


Nothing. This hybrid service is something we believe should be available to all of our senior members, free of charge.  When you truly care about the elderly citizens of your community, you focus on more than just their health, but also their financial well-being. Northwest Senior Care is constantly searching for ways to make senior care more affordable and this technology represents an enormous step in that direction. Our hope is that people notice the efforts put forth to lower costs for seniors while increasing the quality of their service. The more money we can save for those who require care, the more money they can keep for the road ahead.


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