Our Mission began Family Focused.

Family FocusedHope and Jerid Paige, Co-Owners of King County based Northwest Senior Care, set out to create a senior home care service truly focused on family. The mother-son duo had worked collectively in the field of senior care for more than 20 years when they finally said “we can do better”. The two of them watched as many of the large senior service companies they dealt with over the years lacked the compassion and attention to detail that is so necessary when caring for the elderly. As a result, Hope and Jerid opened Northwest Senior Care determined to change the status quo and offer a service that puts the health and happiness of the senior above all else.

Almost immediately the first senior care members noticed the difference in quality that Northwest Senior Care offered. Being a family run company whose main vision was (and still is) to help other families throughout the aging process gave rise to the company motto. “Family Focused”, was established as a state of mind to adhere, as well as the company motto. Every Northwest Senior Care employee, from the front-line caregivers, to the administrative staff, all the way up to the owners, are required to ask the following question daily: Am I providing a quality of care with a level of compassion that I would for my own family?. With that state of mind in place, the quality of service followed. The next question would be how we at Northwest Senior Care could grow in a way that helps seniors through more than just our caregiving services.


Family Focused – “Am I providing a quality of care with a level of compassion that I would for my own family?”


Serving Seniors is more than just Home Care

As our new family of happy senior members expanded, so did our vision of how we could serve the elderly community in new and innovative ways. One of our first supplementary services developed was our free Senior Housing Placement program. The offering was created as a way to utilize our expertise of working with elder living facilities in order to help families find the right senior housing options. Using factors such as geographical preference, financial budget, social needs, and more, we developed a system for determining from our list of approved housing providers what we believe are the housing options for the senior transferring to a new residence. We then offer to accompany the senior and the senior’s family on tours of the facilities so that they are comfortable and have an elder care expert present during the process.

Once the Senior Housing Placement program was established, the idea of exploring new avenues for helping seniors grew exponentially. Free Home Safety Checks were developed to help ensure that basic precautions were taken to reduce the risk of falls and injury to seniors. The recognition that 1 in 5 of our nation’s seniors are re-admitted to the hospital within 30 days of their initial discharge spawned our hospital discharge assistance program, Trusted Transitions. Seeing first hand the financial burden families feel from the price of home care inspired us to create a  Hybrid Service that uses non-invasive monitoring technology to reduce costs.

All of these ideas have been aimed at providing the best quality services at the lowest price for the seniors of King County and beyond. We encourage you to reach out to us to learn more about our story and the new ways we are helping seniors and their families throughout the aging process…


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