10 simple steps on how to implement professional caregiving for the senior in your life.


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The Senior Care Handbook: 10 Step Guide to In-Home Caregiving

When an aging loved one needs assistance in order to continue living safely within their home, knowing where to begin can be stressful and confusing. How will they react to the idea of a caregiver? What are the signs that indicate extra help is needed? How do I decide which provider is best fit to care for the senior in my life?

This 10 step guide to in-home caregiving was written to help answer these questions. By using tested techniques for navigating the road of senior care this handbook contains a wealth of information. From explaining some of the signs which indicate caregiving may be needed, to choosing an in-home care provider and maintaining a healthy relationship with them over the years — this handbook was created to provide insight to those seeking guidance for bringing professional senior care assistance into an aging loved one’s home. Some of the topics covered in this handbook are:

• Determining if care is needed
• Starting a conversation about caregiving with the senior in your life
• Anticipating resistance
• Exploring and selecting your care provider
• Methods to pay for care services
• Understanding long-run expectations
• And much, much more…